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Become an Independent Mortgage Broker

Unlock Your Full Potential

Offer Competitive Rates Without Sacrificing Support

Break free without feeling alone. At IMB™, we understand that transitioning from a retail bank feels daunting. But with us, independence doesn’t mean isolation. Offer competitive rates and win back real estate referrals, all while enjoying the robust support and guidance you’ve always valued. Take the leap with IMB™— where your independence is powered by unparalleled backing.

  • Lower Rates

  • Better than Retail Bank Support

  • Low Flat Fee

  • More Earning Potential

Get more money in your pocket (and your borrowers)
while having the highest level of support.

The Mortgage Landscape

High Rates = Lost Referrals

The mortgage industry is fiercely competitive, especially for loan officers at retail banks. With rising interest rates, the squeeze on retail bank loan officers intensifies. Your rates are a half-point higher than independent brokers, leading to lost valuable realtor referrals. In this tightening market, capturing every opportunity becomes even more crucial.

Exploring Your Options

Myth Busting

To safeguard your earnings, transitioning from captive banking is becoming imperative. But the warnings of bank managers, designed to keep you tethered, cast doubts. With IMB™, cut through the noise, see the bigger picture, and elevate your income without the compromises they warn you about.

Best of Both Worlds

Low Fees + Support

With IMB™ mortgage brokers get the crucial lower rates, without compromising on support. Pay a low flat fee for each funded deal and still get TBD underwrites, close in 2 weeks, balance CDs days prior to a CTC, and send wires the day before closing. Plus, the majority of our wholesale lenders don’t require funding authorization on home loans.

Empower Your Independence

Operate under your chosen DBA licensed to IMB™.

Embrace the opportunity to operate under a DBA (Doing Business As) of your choosing, fully licensed to IMB™. This allows you to maintain your entrepreneurial spirit within the framework of IMB’s extensive network. Enjoy the benefits of competitive rates and lower fees for your clients, while leveraging IMB’s powerful resources and access to the best wholesale lenders.

Be Your Own Boss

A Better Way

The Best of Both Worlds: Independent and Connected.

You don’t have to brave the new mortgage broker world on your own. IMB™ connects you with a community of like-minded MLOs who are successfully enjoying the benefits of working for themselves. Enjoy a supportive learning community of IMB™. Developed by experienced mortgage lenders.

Gain access to a supportive community of like-minded MLOs.

A Better Way

Ready. Set. Propel

IMB™ provides MLOs with a turnkey, all-inclusive platform to operate under a DBA of your choosing, licensed to IMB™.

IMB™ frees you up to focus on what you do best, selling loans, by handling logistics such as payroll, and compliance reports. As well, IMB™ works closely with Summit Processing that can handle the processing of your home loans.

IMB™ offers mortgage brokers all the resources they need to get started — from getting your mortgage broker license to picking your DBA business name.

Be Your Own Boss

No Middleman

Eliminate the Big Banks and Enjoy Higher Profitability.

It’s a win/win situation. You can cut out big banks with their excessive levels of management and instead get massive support for your DBA business licensed to IMB™. As an independent mortgage broker with IMB™, you get a flat-rate pricing model, so you can enjoy greater profitability and pass significant savings on to your borrowers.

Tap into wholesale mortgage broker pricing without the big bank margins that drive higher rates.

A Better Way