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The Future of Lending is Here

Become a mortgage loan officer with IMB™ lending portal and start making your community stronger, one loan at a time.

Easy Milestone Steps

  • Update your NMLS license to IMB™
    NMLS needs to know where you hang your hat, update your license to let them know you are registering under IMB™

  • Name & Incorporate your business “powered by IMB”
    Pick a business name to start building brand recognition in your community | IMB has recommended professionals at the ready who can have your business incorporated within a couple of days.

  • Login to IMB™ portal
    Access everything you need to be open for business; from email templates to trusted vendors as well as enjoying the supportive community of fellow independent LO’s.

Start Your Own Business

Free Checklist

From Starting Your Business to Growing It, the IMB™ Lending Portal is Here For You

Roadmap: Get Your MLO Business Up & Running
Start Your Own Business

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a 15-Min Consult
If you have a few questions and are in the process of discovering your options, we provide 15-min consult calls to ensure you get quick answers to your top-of-mind questions.
Schedule a Demo
During a demo, you get an up-close look at the platform, the features, and tools included in IMB™ We’ll answer any questions you have. Beyond the technology and offering, we see this also as a time for you to get to know us. We want you to be confident with the platform and our community.