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About Us

Independent Mortgage Brokers exists to back mortgage loan originators that are tired of the big bank system and seeking a better way to do business.

Our Story

IMB™ founders Ryan Davis and Nathan Jennison are both producing mortgage advisors in Denver, Colorado.

“Like many others, we worked for big bank lenders. Through the years, we became frustrated with the big bank system that charged customers inflated loan costs to cover their high overhead (marketing, brick-and-mortar locations, and many levels of management). Eventually, we migrated to being independent brokers and found another set of challenges, namely a lack of support and a high learning curve. We suddenly had to handle many aspects of the business that we hadn’t considered before. We knew there had to be a better way to do business that would cut out the big bank fat and still deliver for our customers.”

Independent Mortgage Broker

What We Believe

When you are empowered to take care of the people who come to you for help in obtaining or refinancing a loan, you change a life. Few, if any, purchases will be larger or more significant for most people than the purchase of their home. Even mortgage refinancing can have a huge impact on families.

The mortgage process is changing as the world is shifting to a direct-to-consumer model— business owners are able to connect directly with their customers and cut out the fat cats. Home lending is no different. We become a stronger community when local mortgage experts can help their local customers. Both shielding them from less-than-ethical big business practices and keeping business local to invigorate local economies.

What We Believe

Our Ethos

At the core of IMB™, our philosophy on how business should be done fuels our success, positioning brokers powered by IMB™ as the ‘top mortgage brokers near me’ who are committed to not only advancing our practice but also contributing positively to our local communities.

Our Mission

To enable independent mortgage loan originators to offer unbeatable services and pricing for their customers.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Create a thriving community of independent loan officers that benefits industry professionals and makes significant impacts in their communities, helping people build wealth through homeownership.

Our Vision

Building Community

To impact future generations by keeping more money with families to build wealth and improve their quality of living.

Our Founders

Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis

NMLS 149797 | CO 10020215

Ryan Davis

Ryan earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Butler University in 2002, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with honors. He is a top-producing LO with over 20 years of mortgage lending experience. He worked on the captive banking side for over 10 years as an LO and Branch Manager.

During Ryan’s time in retail banks, the common denominator he saw was greed. The business model was always the same. Get the LO and their team in the system with all their clients and realtors and slowly increase rates and/or cut pay. Then make it hard for them to leave, knowing that if they did, their past clients and realtors would be solicited. The retail banking model lacked competitive rates, compensation, technology, and programs.

When Ryan transitioned to the broker model, there was little to no support, training, structure, sense of community, or sharing of best practices, so he created IMB™ with partner founders Ryan Hillard and Nathan Jennison. The company’s vision was based upon servant-leadership and a company where the LO and borrower always come first. The IMB™ team wanted a company where support and service were not mutually exclusive with the best rates, compensation, & programs. A platform where Loan Officers can operate under a DBA of their choosing, which is licensed to IMB™, enabling them to establish a distinct brand identity.

Ryan spent years creating the IMB™ portal to give LOs and processors the ability to chat, video conference, and screen share with one another. It gives IMB™ a sense of community to share best practices and help one another with loans. It also gives everyone access to 20 lender summaries, a portfolio product matrix, vendors, resources, and any other guideline chart or cheat sheet you could imagine. No other company has a portal with all the information you need in one place for ops, sales, and navigating the broker world.

Ryan’s favorite quote is: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar. Ryan does his best to live out his Christian faith daily by serving others and helping them achieve their goals.

Nathan Jennison
Nathan Jennison

NMLS 2122717| CO 100523448

Nathan Jennison

Nathan brings 20-plus years of operations experience to IMB™. He started as the Operations Manager for Nathan Mortgage, and subsequently became a mortgage broker himself and founded The Mortgage Architects. Nathan has been a driving force in helping launch and run IMB™. He is passionate about the experience that IMB™ provides, and its ability to empower fellow MLOs to bring change to the mortgage industry. Much of his work at IMB™ is behind the scenes serving in a relational and operations role, ensuring that the entire system runs smoothly. 

He is passionate about the experience that IMB™ provides, and its ability to empower fellow MLOs to bring transformative change to the mortgage industry. His recent recognition as Broker of the Year for 2023 by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers not only acknowledges his unwavering dedication to service but also assures prospective loan officers that they are in the most capable hands for achieving success in the industry.