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Turnkey Loan Officer Platform

IMB™ offers a specialized platform that supports loan officers operating under their own DBA, licensed by IMB™. This allows them to focus on enhancing client relationships while IMB manages the intricacies of compliance, payroll, and reporting.

Turnkey Lender Platform

Boost Your Earnings and Freedom: Move Beyond Captive Banking with IMB™

Best for loan officers with 2-3 years of experience who are ready to move away from captive banks to accelerate their business and income. Get better rates, more pay, and high support levels. When you work for a captive bank, they dig into your pocket and your borrower’s pocket to pay for their buildings, many levels of management, and high-salary CEOs. At IMB™, loan officers and borrowers come before profit. Call us to learn more or schedule a Demo.

Start Your Own Business

What You Get

Big Banks

Sponsorship of Your MLO Licensure

Access to Third Party Processors on a Per-File Basis

Compliance Reporting


Lower Rates with access to Industry-Leading Wholesale Lenders

Low Fees

Lender Portal with Resources

Customer Data

Membership to a Community of Fellow Independent Loan Originators


Brand Your Business, “Powered by IMB™”

Everything You Need, In One Place

Marketing Materials

Instant access to high-quality marketing materials to support your operations under IMB™

Loan Officer Guidance

Quick reference guides to save you time.


All compliance requirements are handled for you by IMB™ so you can focus on your customers.

Community Forum

Video conferencing, screen sharing, and chat software are built into the portal to enable our community of MLOs and Ops to help one another.

IMB™ Lending Portal: Your complete resource for everything mortgage. Everything you need to navigate the broker world in one spot.

Resources created by LO’s for LO’s. High-quality marketing and training support that exceeds captive banks.

IMB™ resources have been carefully curated and refined over the last few decades by IMB™ founders.

Get instant access to:
  • Lender Summaries

  • Niche Program Matrix

  • Sales Strategies
  • Best Practices
  • Flyers, Email Templates & Call Scripts

  • Approved Marketing Vendor Lists and More

See How IMB™ Stacks up Against Big Banks and Typical Brokers

Not Sure Which Option Is Right for You? Learn More With Our Comparison Table.

At IMB™, we understand that choosing the right mortgage channel is a big decision. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive comparison table that outlines the pros and cons of each option, so you can make an informed decision.

With IMB™, you can have the best of both worlds – the best rates and earning potential of a mortgage broker, with the resources and support typically found at the big bank. 

Start Your Own Business

Joining IMB™

Work With A Community-Focused Mortgage Lender.

If you see yourself being a part of the movement away from large corporate entities and towards a direct-to-consumer model so that you can be closer to your community, build relationships more authentically and see money stay in your local community, IMB™ is right for you. Call or schedule a demo today.

Local mortgage experts, helping local customers.
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