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IMB Features & Benefits


  • True broker model with raw/base pricing. No margin built into the rate or any correspondent lines.

  • IMB™ is approved with the most competitively priced wholesalers in the nation. Price all lenders at once through LoanSifter.

  • Typically, you will make 3-5K more per deal and a half a point lower in rate compared to captive retail lenders. Learn more about making the switch from captive bank LO to the independent channel in our latest article.


  • Qualified Loan Officers and Branch Managers pay IMB™ a low flat fee for each funded loan. It’s a flat fee to keep things simple and transparent. If a company pays bps they typically make 2-4K/deal off the LO. We make a fraction of this.

  • Flat monthly fee of $275/month goes to IMB for Lending Pad, Loan Sifter, IMB™ Portal, Compliance, Payroll, and access to our network of approved lenders and vendors. 

  • Lender paid comp is set at 200 bps & commission is capped at 10K/deal. Other brokers set their comp and commission cap too high and that reduces the percentage of deals you can make the higher commission. This keeps our rates on larger loans more competitive and allows us to win deals over other brokers, credit unions, and FDICs.

  • Borrower paid compensation is available. The compensation comes from the borrower in the form of an origination fee. Typical origination fees range from $3,995-$6,995. Typically reduces the rate .25-.375 from lender paid compensation. The origination fee is usually offset with a lender credit to reduce the cash to close.

  • Preferred pricing and perks from many of our lenders based upon the volume we close. Pricing can be improved by 10-50 bps. Other perks include free lock extension days, rushed condition reviews, assigned underwriters, etc.

  • We 1099 our LOs-not W2. You can write off M&E, cell, mileage, marketing expenses, home office, etc., & pay less in taxes. Being self-employed also allows you to contribute more money each year into retirement. A 401K caps your yearly contribution around 22K vs. a SEP (Self Employed Pension) at 58K.

Support & Service

  • 3 local owners that are all producing LO’s to answer questions you have on structuring, where to send what, and best practices. We are in the trenches and know what programs we need, how to structure and close tough deals, and the pain points of the current market to help better support and manage LOs. We share our best practices on business development, marketing, flyers, email templates, etc. through our proprietary portal and weekly emails. This helps our LOs scale and grow their businesses faster.

  • The owners take a servant leadership approach and live out our slogan of putting borrowers and our Loan Officers before ourselves or profit.

  • Local Loan Partners to train you on our systems, registering and locking loans, and navigating lender websites.

  • Local processors to answer all your processing questions, disclose loans, & manage conditions. We have exclusive processors that only work with IMB and a network of contract processors that are also in Colorado. Flexibility to use different processors if one is too busy or you want to work with more than one. Contract processors are approved in multiple states and speak Spanish.

  • Most of our lenders close in as little as two weeks.

  • Scenarios & TBD’s: All of wholesalers allow LO’s to call and email underwriters directly, have scenario desks, & will underwrite TBDs within 1-2 days. Our local processors & LO’s are very knowledgeable and 90% of the time we can give you an answer in minutes. UWM also has a guideline lookup tool called The Source that combines Google, All Regs,& various agency resources into one search. It is their proprietary technology, and it is intuitively based upon the broker community searching it to provide the best answers.Our reps are also amazing with guidelines and loan structuring.

  • We select our lenders based upon consistently good customer service, turn-times, price, and programs, in that order.

  • Most of our lenders do not require funding authorization on the day of closing and can send wires the day before closing or first thing in the morning.

IMB™ Portal

  • No other brokerage company has anything like this. We created it from the ground up. It allows you to compare lenders on various topics to help you navigate the broker world and know where to send what.

  • It has a chat feature like Slack that allows you to chat with our community of LOs, LPs, processors, & owners on any topic and search previous chats by topic. Anyone can upload flyers, word docs, etc. to share best practices.

  • It also allows us to video conference and screen share online to help with training.

  • Some of the topics we compare lenders on are strengths, weaknesses, niches, overlays, pricing policies, portfolio programs, etc.

  • Has over 60 recommended vendors & resources for accounting, marketing, technology and many other services.

  • Shares best practices: email templates, flyers, scripts, playbooks, etc. 

Additional Benefits

  • We allow the LO to brand or market themselves under a DBA. This ensures consistency of your website, email, and brand if you were ever to make a company move in the future. IMB registers the DBA with the NMLS and secretaries of states. We require Powered by IMB™ with our company NMLS and address on all consumer communication, websites, and socials. We are not a net branching company. All loans are closed in IMB’s name, and all commissions are paid to the licensed LO/individual.

  • Your clients, realtors, and team are yours, not IMB’s. Our LO agreement states this at the top to protect you. 

  • Health insurance brokers and two group policies to shop for affordable health/dental/eye insurance. Brokers also offer cheap life & long-term disability insurance.

  • No company online training requirements & meetings are very rare. Only annual CE is required. Best practices, policies, & industry/guideline updates are all done via email and through our portal. Stop wasting valuable prospecting and personal time with meetings that should have been an email and pointless training webinars.