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A Glimpse into the IMB™ Fall Social 2023: Building Community

January 31, 2024

Last year, IMB™ took its commitment to community a notch higher with the much-anticipated Fall Social 2023 event. Without the trappings of keynotes or breakout sessions, the focus was simple: pure, unadulterated networking and community-building. And judging by the turnout, the essence was well received!

A Community of Diverse Stakeholders

IMB™’s inclusive approach saw representatives from various facets of our ecosystem: from brokers and end-investors to the driving force behind the Loan Companies. We also had the privilege to welcome sales managers and our approved vendors, including marketing specialists who make our operations seamless. What was even more encouraging was the influx of prospective IMB™ brokers, eager to acquaint themselves with our thriving community.

Bridging Digital Distances

One of the unique aspects of our industry is the prevalence of remote interactions. While digital convenience is unarguably a boon, the human touch is irreplaceable. This year’s Fall Social was a testament to that belief. Attendees, some of whom had collaborated on multiple projects but were meeting in person for the first time, shared laughter, stories, and camaraderie.

In the words of Cory Balathasar, Loan Officer and Branch Manager at CFL Mortgage:

“The IMB™ Fall Social was not just about networking; it was about community. From sharing experiences to just getting to know my colleagues better in a more relaxed environment when I am not in “work mode,” we truly made memories together.”

A Record-breaking Gathering

The enthusiasm for the IMB™ Fall Social wasn’t just evident in the lively conversations and shared laughs, but also in the numbers. We witnessed a turnout that was double, even triple, the size of previous years, signaling a growing acknowledgment of the significance of such gatherings in our industry.

Memories Captured

While words can paint a vivid picture, sometimes it’s the actual photographs that encapsulate the essence. For those who attended (and even those who couldn’t make it), we’ve curated a gallery of moments from the evening. Relive the event or experience it for the first time through the lens of our professional photographer. View the full photo gallery here.

In essence, the IMB™ Fall Social was not just an event; it was a reiteration of our commitment to community and collaborative growth. As we inch closer to the year-end and anticipate the prospects of 2024, we are reminded of the strength and vitality of our community. We’re more than just business associates; we’re a family of professionals, thriving together in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

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