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Break Free and Boost Your Earnings: Become an Independent Mortgage Broker with IMB™

May 2, 2024

Are you a Mortgage Loan Officer tired of high rates and limited growth at your retail bank? It’s time to explore the freedom and financial benefits of becoming an independent broker with IMB™. In this video, we discuss how IMB™ combines the flexibility of independent brokering with the robust support typically found at big banks. Learn about our competitive rates, lower fees, and the community support that sets us apart. Discover how IMB™ can help you enhance your earnings by an average of $3,000 more per deal and streamline your operations with our comprehensive Lending Portal.


As a Mortgage Loan Officer at a retail bank, you face numerous challenges: higher rates that turn away potential clients, limited referral opportunities, and rigid corporate structures that stifle your earnings and growth potential. If you’re feeling stifled by the high rates and strict controls of captive banking, it’s time for a change.

Discover how transitioning to an independent mortgage broker with IMB™ can elevate your earnings without sacrificing the support you rely on. With IMB, you can break free without feeling alone. On average, IMB Loan Officers make an extra $3,000 more per deal. Our model provides the best of both worlds: the flexibility of independent brokering with the support usually found in big banks.

Benefit from competitive rates, a low flat fee, quick closings, and a community of support. The IMB Lending Portal is a turnkey platform that offers everything you need at your fingertips, including marketing materials, quick reference guides, compliance, and a community forum. The IMB portal has lender summaries, lender rankings so our LOs know exactly where to send their loans as well as program summaries.

Unlike other big brokers, we don’t push correspondent lines with inflated rates. We let the efficiency of the broker world work best by not pushing our LOs to use one particular lender. With IMB, you can do TBD underwrites, close in just two weeks, talk directly with underwriters, balance a final CD prior to a clear-to-close, and close without needing funding authorization.

Join a community of like-minded professionals who are redefining what it means to be independent. Starting with IMB™ is simple. Update your NMLS license, operate under a DBA of your choosing that is licensed to IMB, and access our turnkey platform. We handle the complexities like compliance and payroll, so you can focus on what you do best: helping your clients.

Bank managers will tell you that if you move to the independent channel, you won’t have any support, training, or community. This is a myth. In fact, it only benefits the retail bank to keep you stuck. Don’t let big banks dictate your potential.

Visit our website or call us today to schedule a demo and see how IMB helps you maximize your earning potential.

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  • Tyler Deines ★★★★★ a month ago
    Our team took a leap of faith leaving the retail lending world (all we had ever known) to join IMB -- Ryan promised we would have support and systems to make the … read more transition as smooth as possible, and he has held true to that from day 1. Moving to IMB has been the best decision of my professional career -- Ryan and the team at IMB build their company right, merging the competitive rates of the broker world with the support and systems of the retail world. In the 6 months since leaving retail I have already broke my own record for highest month of loan volume, have won deals in competitive scenarios that I wouldnt have even had a shot at previously, and earned more trust and referral partners from agents and clients by offering the same great service with the most competitive rates on the market. If you are thinking of making the switch to IMB, do it. Your future you (and your future clients & partners) will thank you.

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